Cathedral of St. Georg

Limburg / Things toIt was probably Count Heinrich von Nassau who had the cathedral built on the site of the former collegiate church some time after 1215. In 1235 it was consecrated as collegiate and parish church of St. Georg and Nikolaus by the archbishop of Trier. At this stage, however, it had not yet been fully completed. In the year of consecration the foundation stone was laid to the early Gothic church of Elisabeth in Marburg, the second largest church in the Lahn region which even then reflected the style of the early Gothic period. The cathedral of St. Georg in Limburg is, by contrast, typical for the late Romantic era so much in evidence along the Rhine. Its striking two tower facade, the galleries overlooking the nave of the cathedral, the dwarf gallery, the rhomb shaped roofs of the towers are typical for the style found in the region of the Rhine. The rich symbolism of the architecture of the cathedral's exterior reflects the sheer pride and self-esteem typical for the end of the period of the Hohenstaufen emperors.

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